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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spam, Spam, Spam Everywhere

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Its actually quite hilarious the amount of spam emails I get into my email inbox on a daily basis. People just dont understand that this just doesnt work anymore, not to mention that its illegal and immoral.

Maybe a few years ago spamming did well for some people but to be honest I am totally sick of spammers. Jodie and I run a successful affiliate marketing business and we wouldnt ever think of spamming. Thats why we have a double opt in newsletter.

Even having the double opt in you have to be careful. You see we dont send a ton of emails to our list. I am actually a member of one newsletter that I get at least 3 emails a day from. Im not even sure why I havent opted out yet but the time is coming.

I guess what Im getting at people is stop spamming. All you are doing is wasting your time and you are also setting yourself up for trouble.

If you are interested Jodie and I would be more than happy to show you how to get real traffic to your site. Also why not sign up to our newsletter where you will get great advice and tips from us.


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