Have Fun With Us

While we are in affiliate marketing to make money we also want to have fun. So we have decided to keep this blog light. It will be all written in our own words and the words of the people who decide to join us. Affiliate marketing is a serious business but also a business we can all have fun with.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Am very Sorry

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Well I have to start off this post by saying sorry. I know we dont have a lot of readers to this blog yet but I know we have some and I know its been a while since I posted. Well my offline job has been crazy and all my spare time has been going into Jodies and my ventures. To top it off Jodie has been caring much of the load this week. Thank God for her.

Well as you can see we do have lives outside the internet. Jodies husband is leaving to work out of town today for the first time so things will be a lot differant for her as well.

Anyways on the business side I need to report that things are going great. Our adsense earnings are up 1000%, Ebay strategies are up 1000% and clickbank is up 100%. So what does that mean in dollars. Well I wont give the exact amounts but lets just say there is 3 zeros behind our profits.

I keep telling people that affiliate marketing is the way to go. Everyday is a differant day but for almost 3 weeks now we have not gone a single day without earnings.

We are not gurus but we are committed and we are not stopping. Im going to stop there but if anyone wants to learn how Jody and I accomplish what we do then feel free to message me through yahoo messanger using stcajo2009


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just A Thought

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Day in and day out I see hundreds of offers of tons of get rich overnight stuff. So I was just wondering how many people are actually falling prey to these dam predators. Ah dont be embarresed. I was there myself and Im sure Jodie was as well. We learned the hard way and gave away a lot of money.

Well just to let you know that Jodie and I take our business very seriously. She keeps track of every little hot to our website. Where the hits are coming from, what time they are coming and so forth and so forth. We dont fall for the crap any more. We only deal in hard work and facts.

One fact is that our websites are getting 1000% more hits over the last 2 weeks. We are making a nice 30 to 50 dollars a day consistantly with that number rising a bit each day. We would love to help people with there efforts but in order to do that we need to build your trust.

You can go ahead and add me at yahoo messanger using stcajo2009 anytime so we can talk about what Jodie and I do.

Affiliate marketing all the way Baby lol


Crazy Busy

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As usual, life has been really busy. My home life has been a bit crazy the last few days with my husband starting a new job in a brand new line of work. The thing is, he hasn't left yet... he was supposed to start today, but the company had not planned properly and now he's still here at the house enjoying another day off. I can't say I'm not enjoying it.

As for online earnings, I guess you can say things have really heated up. We are making some great adsense and eBay revenues. We got our third big campaign ready to be launched and are in the midst of preparing our articles for the campaign.

Also, I've been working on some new lenses for another campaign that is coming up.

Things have been super busy for Dale and I and it's great to see that we're starting to pull in some nice money DAILY!! Thank you Dale!!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Happy Day

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Well hello everyone. I want to say what a great weekend for Jodie and myself. We have worked our butts off with Jodie getting new campaigns, squidoo, ehow, ebay and about a million other things. I got about 20 articles done this weekend and things really showed through.

We had our best earnings ever so far. Everything went up and the biggest shocker was our adsense earnings. You can believe this if you want because Im still having problems believing it but our adsense earnings increased by 1000%. Thats right 1000, not 100 but 1000.

Well people like we have always said Jodie and I are just normal people who are seeing more and more success on a daily basis.

Well thats it for now because we are just getting ready to start our new campaign.

Woo Hoo, happy days.

If anyone wants to talk to me about what Jodie and I do then feel free to add me to yahoo messanger using stcajo2009 and I would be glad to talk.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Todays A day To Say Thanks

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Well I thought with today being Thanksgiving here in Canada it would be a good day to say thanks to all those who have helped me in my journey to prosper on the internet. This post will have no promo links but just a big thank you.

The first person I really need to thank is my beautiful wife for standing by me and believing in me when I was spending more money than I was making. Not once did she ever show any negative feelings towards what I was doing. Of course my kids have to be thanked for missing some fishing trips and football games because I had appointments or deadlines I just needed to get done.

The next person is not only my partner but my friend as well. Of course I am speaking of Jodie. So many things have turned around in our internet careers since we partnered up in business. We both have the same vision and because of that failure has never been an option. I would also like to thank Jodies hubby for believing in her and encouraging her in her business. Family support is so crucial in surviving on the internet.

Well lastly I would like to thank all the people that have worked with us to help us move forward in out internet career. Without many of you we just wouldnt be enjoying the success that we are seeing today.

Well being Thanksgiving if I had the chance I would shut down the computer today and just do family time but unfortunately I will be 3 hours away from my family today so I will continue with my endeavors today and hope that everyone who is enjoying the holiday has a very prosperous and safe Thanksgiving.