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While we are in affiliate marketing to make money we also want to have fun. So we have decided to keep this blog light. It will be all written in our own words and the words of the people who decide to join us. Affiliate marketing is a serious business but also a business we can all have fun with.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back At It

What an exhausting few days... but good days. Dale and I have been working our butts off to get out our first campaign using OneWeekMarketing. And guess what, it's been a success. 48 hours after we published our first lens, we have had over 70 hits to the site. Did you hear that folks? 70 hits in 48 hours!

I'm thinking Dale and I should start a "hit meter" that tracks how many hits we've had for different campaigns.

I do think that Dale and I need a break from writing articles and hard labour for the next day or so... but knowing us, we'll both be at it again tomorrow morning.

It was payday as well as we received our Squidoo payment for our August earnings. :) Squidoo is the number one tool using OneWeekMarketing and it's where we always start our campaigns. It's free to join and they pay you to use their site to host your affiliate products or referral based programs. Cool!


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