Have Fun With Us

While we are in affiliate marketing to make money we also want to have fun. So we have decided to keep this blog light. It will be all written in our own words and the words of the people who decide to join us. Affiliate marketing is a serious business but also a business we can all have fun with.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shoot For The Moon

Well today is kind of a busy, crazy day. I have to deal with month end for all my on and off line activities. It means a ton of paperwork and probably a few cusses when the numbers dont add up. Oh well Im sure none of you care about that anyways.

So what I wanted to talk about today is just like the title says. Shoot For The Moon. Way too many people get into things with the wrong frame of mind. Well dont worry, Jodie and I have been there. We have failed at several things until we got into affiliate marketing. We made some decisions though.

Failure was not an option
Work hard to realize our dreams
Work hard to help others
Stick with it through good and bad
Never give up
Stop looking at other programs
Make smart decisions

All of these and many more thins lead us to start realizing our dreams. Jodie and I are 2 differant people shooting for a common goal and we absolutely refuse to fail. Jodie is a stickler for stats while I could care less about that and I just plug away. Dont worry shes always telling me what to do differant for the stats.

Anyways what Im getting at is if you really want something there is nothing to stop you. Jodie and I have finally been able to realize that and you can to if you are serious. Why not come and join us on our trek to the moon. I assure you in the end you will not be dissapointed.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well all around it was a crazy, hectic but productive weekend. Jodie and I both had offline issues to deal with but we still got a lot of work done. The promo site is going great guns and some nice earnings as a result. The Wealthy Affiliate site admittedly was a bit slow this weekend but thats ok, these things happen. It doesnt worry me at all.

Much of my time this weekend was spent on the new site Im building for my wife. Its a huge project but in the end will be great. You see Jackie (my wife) has joined our team so once this site goes live it will be huge. Shes been busy writing articles and preparing materials for the site. Best case scenario Im thinking of maybe an October 7th release but that may be pushing it a bit.

Well thats enough blabbing for now and time to get back to work.
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A Crazy Weekend

I think both Dale and I can attest that we accomplished quite a bit this weekend. I have to admit it is the busiest weekend I have had in my real life in a very long time... but it was great. Also, my almost two year old decided it was time to start testing out temper tantrums and has been very successful with it.

As far as online work is concerned, we had some nice income from the ebay program. That is one of our biggest earners at the minute and it's great to watch the earnings rise daily. In fact, I think Dale and I both feel pretty darn proud that we have found a niche that is consistently bringing in revenue. And even more impressive is that one of our sites received over 200 hits yesterday... and that's all natural hits.

And I will attest that the old adage about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks, is BS. Dale has taken on a giant project and has been learning new skills each day. He even got his domain all set up with his newest site!!! Sweeet! I don't know if any of you have tried to set up a domain, but it can be a giant pain in the rear-end.


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Sunday, September 28, 2008

About Articles

Well first of all a little about my day yesterday. I thought I wouldnt get a darn thing done because of my lack of sleep but quite surprisingly I got quite a bit accomplished. I managed to get some articles write and submitted, got the blog updated, sent out some solo ads and my biggest triumph was transfering a new domain name to the new relationship site Im building for my wife. Yep got some work done on the relationship site. Oh ya I also did some updating on the Wealthy Affiliate site as well. Dam it was a pretty good day.

I want to talk a little about article submission. I have always been a great believer in ezine articles but as of late Ezine has been, well all I can say as of late it sucks. They have ben denying 4 out of 5 of my articles. They are very slow in checking out the articles. They have also introduced a new payplan. Oh great so now I will have to pay to get my article denied sooner.

Well there is no way I will subscribe to Ezines payplan. In fact I am not even sure Ezine articles is going to be my number one submission site anymore. Oh sure I use all the other great ones as well but I just thought I would tell you about a new site that seems to be helping attract traffic to my sites.

Its called Affsphere. I wont sit here and brag it up, other than to tell you its free. You can go take a look for yourself and get signed up.

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Well until tommorow this is Dale signing out


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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Busy Day For Both Of Us

Well yesterday was one of theose days for both Jodie and I. You see my offline job is I am a H2s Safety Supervisor. Much of the time my job is very quiet but at certain times like yesterday I have to run and ya then nothing gets done online.

I did however manage to get the blog updated and an article submitted.

So as you are starting to see there is a pattern here. Jodie and I are just normal people living normal lives. Were not gurus, and were nothing special. We could be your next door neighbor. Yep we are just like you and we are earning on the internet.

Yes we make money everyday. Oh were not driving BMWs, we dont live in mansions and we sure as hell are not gurus. What we are however is determined.

If your at all interested in making money on the internet and you think affiliate marketing is your game then you should be talking to us. You see we will never make false promises, claims that are crap or anything like that. What we will do is show you the exact system we use to earn with affiliate marketing.

Feel free to add me to Yahoo messanger using stcajo2009 and I would love to chat with you. If you do add me please tell me you are comming from the blog. You see I get at least 5-10 people who request an add per day and all they are doing is trying to spam me.

Well I dont need another business. Affiliate marketing is where we want to be because its someplace anyone online can earn as long as you have the WANT to.

Bye For Now

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Household and Business LOL

This is not going to be a long post... it's late and I'm now reeeeally sleepy. I got a big portion on Promo Codes & Coupons updated today. I also wrote an ehow article and posted it. I got off on a tangent about fishing and online products (again!). Dale will attest this is not the first time. Anyway, it proved to be very useful. I was meant to start the SEO of the blog, but never got around to it as my home life was busy.


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Friday, September 26, 2008

Yesterday Sucked

Well everyone, Dale here.

Yes, yesterday sucked. Not because marketing was bad because we had an alright day. What sucked is I felt like crap and barely got anything done. In fact in the evening when I started feeling better I got more done my last 90 minutes online than I did all day. Oh well I guess we all have those days.

So what am I working on now? Well my wife has decided she can be helpful online. You see my wife is as close to a relationship expert as you can get without going to school for it so she has asked me to build her a website that she can be interactive with. So thats what I will be working on in the next week or so between everything else.

Well time to get on with the day. I have articles to write, emails to answer. I love affiliate marketing.

C ya on the next post


Welcome to our blog folks

Dale explained who I am and how we met so I guess I'm good to just get started. I've been blogging for quite a while and enjoy the casual atmosphere of it. I will be using this more as a daily log of my activities related to Wealthy Affiliate as well as my day to day hum drum of a life. :)

Today was a productive day off line. With autumn beginning to take hold of us here, I had to take care of some yard stuff as well as get organizing our garage (we have become the infamous household that uses their garage as storage and not for a car).

Online I really did not accomplish near as much as I had wanted... But I have some days where I get much more done. I was working on updating one of my sites that provides us a lot of traffic. I think tomorrow my goal will to add adsense in better positioning on the same site and complete the updating. Right now there are some dead links and I know Dale is shuddering now. But it will only be for a few more hours.

For fear of my first post becoming a novel, I will leave it here.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Blog Post

Well I said I want to keep this fun so I wont get too serious in this post. Anyways a little about Jodie and I. Jodie is a stay home mom and wife. Of course her first interest is her family and then trying to help pay the bills by taking advantage of the internet. Myself, I am a husband and father who is employed in the oil patch in Alberta, Canada.

Just to prove what a small world we live in. Well Jodie and I met online in a business forum. We were both promoting our programs. We started talking only to find out we both live in the same city about 10 minutes from each other. As time passed Jodie and I decided to combine our efforts and work online as a team. So far it has been a great learning and rewarding experience.

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