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While we are in affiliate marketing to make money we also want to have fun. So we have decided to keep this blog light. It will be all written in our own words and the words of the people who decide to join us. Affiliate marketing is a serious business but also a business we can all have fun with.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

About Articles

Well first of all a little about my day yesterday. I thought I wouldnt get a darn thing done because of my lack of sleep but quite surprisingly I got quite a bit accomplished. I managed to get some articles write and submitted, got the blog updated, sent out some solo ads and my biggest triumph was transfering a new domain name to the new relationship site Im building for my wife. Yep got some work done on the relationship site. Oh ya I also did some updating on the Wealthy Affiliate site as well. Dam it was a pretty good day.

I want to talk a little about article submission. I have always been a great believer in ezine articles but as of late Ezine has been, well all I can say as of late it sucks. They have ben denying 4 out of 5 of my articles. They are very slow in checking out the articles. They have also introduced a new payplan. Oh great so now I will have to pay to get my article denied sooner.

Well there is no way I will subscribe to Ezines payplan. In fact I am not even sure Ezine articles is going to be my number one submission site anymore. Oh sure I use all the other great ones as well but I just thought I would tell you about a new site that seems to be helping attract traffic to my sites.

Its called Affsphere. I wont sit here and brag it up, other than to tell you its free. You can go take a look for yourself and get signed up.

See Affshere here

Well until tommorow this is Dale signing out


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