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While we are in affiliate marketing to make money we also want to have fun. So we have decided to keep this blog light. It will be all written in our own words and the words of the people who decide to join us. Affiliate marketing is a serious business but also a business we can all have fun with.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Couple Days Missed

Ya, I missed a couple of days of posting here.

Well people thats what you need to know. Jodie and I make money on the internet but we have lives outside the internet.

So while we are committed to what we do we also decided when we partnered there would be no stress involved. This situation is working out great.

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So have we got anything accomplished the last couple days?

Of course we have. I have learned a ton of SEO and Keyword stuff from Jodie

We have also purchased a great ebook that both of us took time out to read. The book is called One Week Marketing and I dont suggest ebooks very often but if you ever wanted a hands down, step by step blueprint on how to build your affiliate campaigns then this book is a must read.

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As for this week, well we are starting One Week Marketing with a few differant campaigns. I will continue to work on my wifes relationship site. You can see how its coming along by clicking the link below. Just remember it is far from being finished.

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Okay I guess thats enough for now. Jodie and I do have a couple of busy days planned ahead of us so I best get to writing some articles.

Just one more thing though. Jodie and I are great believers in Wealthy Affiliate. Its what turned our lives around in the make money online world. This is something you shouldnt take lightly and something you should take an honest look at.

Ok, now I am done for now

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